Welcome to the website of Paula Kuitenbrouwer, a Dutch nature artist living in The Netherlands.

Paula draws and paints preferably nature scene and objects. Her drawings and painting are free-hand drawn or painted. This means that Paula uses no digital assistance and that shows in an age where lots of art too strongly is supported by photo-copying. Paula's works are based on ideas and compositions.

'Paula's paintings are like the models themselves had moved onto the paper', is said about her works. Her drawings and paintings are characterized by an ethereal and oriental feel.

This website showcases Paula's work as well as a shop areference and a blog on which she shows work in progress, her musing, and her dialogue with her admirers, clients and (art) friends. 

This website is maintained by Paula's husband Thomas Kluck. Thomas takes care of printing Paula's Fine Art Cards, twitters about their business and enjoys not only helping Paula with technical stuff but also with brainstorming about artistic projects and art-marketing.

Enjoy your look around this site!

Paula Kuitenbrouwer & Thomas Kluck